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Canada is a highly developed country, with excellent working conditions, an outstanding education system, a very high standard of living and a health care system ranked one of the best in the world.

Immigration to Canada 

Canada Express Entry Program

Key Features
Comprehensive Ranking System
Application Process and Waiting Period
Canada Job Bank
Provincial Nomination
FSW Selection Criteria
Tips for the Express Entry Program


  • Permanent residence status:The selected candidates are granted permanent residence status. They do not need to compete against the occupational ceilings – the system sans first come first serve basis of evaluation - and predetermined time deadlines;

  • Initiatives: The program includes the following:

    • Online profiles: The aspiring applicants can create online profiles free of charge which can be retained for a period of 12 months, after which the applicants may resubmit their profiles.
    • Former federal skills migration initiatives
    • FSW – Federal Skilled Worker scheme
    • FSTP – Federal Skilled Trade Program
    • CEC – Canada Experience Class
    • Some parts of provincial nomination schemes
  • Academic assessment: Before beginning the profile creation, the candidates must get their academic accomplishments assessed from a designated evaluation body of Canada, like WES. They must also write an approved language test to prove their linguistic skills in either English or French.
  • Comprehensive Ranking System: The profiles are gauged for eligibility by the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. The CRS assessed the applicants on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria, like:
    • Age,
    • Linguistic skills
    • Academic accomplishments
    • Professional exposure and
    • Other deemed vital profile traits that can evidence ability of new entrants in settling in the Canadian environment

After gauging the profiles, the CRS ranks them on the basis of the marks obtained.

Additional marks: The candidates can obtain additional marks under the following conditions:The CIC shortlists the applicants who have scored highest marks; or have a provincial nomination to their credit; or have obtained a permanent employment offer from a Canadian employer – through job bank;

Sponsorships earned from a wiling Canadian state, if any; or

Full time regular employment offer from a Canadian employer.

The shortlisted candidates are instructed to go ahead with filing of second sets of applications for permanent residence. Selected candidates are given 60 days to respond, failing which the invitation is cancelled and

The CIC promises to evaluate requests of the selected applicants within six months of receipt of completed requests.

The selected candidates can get a Canadian immigration visa faster than any other comparable system. The current format of Canadian skilled migration system is very promising. You are required to complete all the documentation the very first time and negotiate all the required steps meticulously.

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The Canada Express Entry 2015 aims to give the control over the selection of prospective migrants under the skilled workers category to the Canadian Government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

As a precursor to minimum 67 points criteria, there is a system where the applicants interested in migrating are ranked against each other, using a set of parameters. The ranking system containing these parameters, is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Parameters:

Core human capital

Accompanying spouse or common-law partner

Skill transfer

Provincial nomination or a qualifying job offer of arranged employment.

The total number of points available under the Express Entry CRS is 1,200.

 Division of points:

Core human Capital: Maximum 500 points;

Skill transferability: Maximum 100 points; and

Either a provincial nomination of a qualifying offer of arranged employment: Maximum 600 points available

Where candidates are filing the application with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, the break of points under CRS is as follows:

Core human Capital of Principal Applicant: Maximum 460 points;

Core human Capital of Spouse: Maximum 40 points

Skill transferability: Maximum 100 points; and

Either a provincial nomination of a qualifying offer of arranged employment: Maximum 600 points.



Online form: Candidate fills on-line express entry form. In order to fill the form, he should have the key documents and information in ready possession. For married applicants, this information should be ready for both the principal applicant and spouse. No fee is required to be paid for the purpose of filing the on-line application form.

Personal Reference Number: The candidate is issued an application number/personal reference number on successful submission of the application form.

Successful submission of profile in the express entry pool does not guarantee that you will be issued an invite to apply for Canada permanent residence visa.

Job bank: Using the personal reference letter number, the candidates can then submit their resume to the Canada Job Bank. This should be done within 30 days of successful submission of on-line Canada express entry form.

Monitor the website: Candidate needs to monitor the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website closely, where the announcement of pool draws will be made in regular basis.

FSW Selection criteria: Candidates whose names are picked out from the pool draws will be subjected to Canada Federal Skilled Worker selected criteria and the point system.

Invitation to apply: Those candidates who meet the requirements of the FSW selection criteria will be issued an invite to apply.

Process completion: Candidate must submit the second stage post invite application along with all the required documents. This must be done within 60 days of an invite being issued. An extension on the limit to apply within 60 days will not be issued. Thus, it is critically important that the candidates keep the file ready for immediate filing at all times. Many of the required documents can take weeks and at times months to be compiled. CIC has indicated that they will complete the rest of the process within 6 months of formal submission of post invite stage two form with required application fee and documents.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application on behalf of clients, with the department. These representatives are the authorized representatives. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.

So don’t wait and start your Canada immigration process immediately!



After filing your online express entry pool application, you will be issued a Personal Reference Number. Using this personal reference number, the Candidate can file his resume in the Canada Job bank.  The job bank website is:


The main job-sites associated with this website include:






Job Bank(apply through websites/email/in person)

You can submit your resume to a specific vacancy advertised on these websites or to any of these websites using the personal reference number issued against your submission confirmation of online express entry pool application.



Provinces play a significant role in the express entry program and significant points (600) are provided if there is a provincial nomination.

If a candidate mentions any of the following provinces to be his preferred province while filing his pool application, chances of his provincial nomination will increase. It is logical for provinces to nominate those candidates who mention their province as the preferred province in the pool application.

The candidates selected through the express entry program under provincial nomination must meet the selection criteria (67 points and all related requirement such as minimum 6.0 in each in IELTS).  The selection quota in the provinces which fall under the express entry is NOT to be confused with provincial selection under “occupation-in-demand” category where special provisions were available for acceptance of applications with lower IELTS score.

As of 2nd January 2015, the following provinces have announced their intentions to accept the program under the express entry program.  The announcements will follow from the other provinces in due course:

Manitoba provincial nomination for skilled professionals

Saskatchewan provincial nomination for skilled professionals

Nova Scotia provincial nomination for skilled professionals

British Columbia provincial nomination for skilled professionals



The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has officially announced that it will start accepting applications under the Express Entry Program for Skilled professionals interested in migrating to Canada, starting from 1st January 2015.

Candidates whose applications are selected from the Express Entry Pool must also meet the requirements of the selection criteria under the FSW program in which he filing the application. One can file under one of the three programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades class
  • Canadian Experience class

Note that the selection criteria is applicable AFTER the candidate application has been successfully selected from the express entry pool. Also, unless the candidate does not meet the FSW selection criteria, an invite to apply will NOT be issued to the candidate. The selection criteria and the pass-mark under the FSW with the point system under Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) - Express Entry points Criteria is not to be confused.



Language Testing: Minus an official language test from any of these, namely, IELTS or CELPIP, you will not manage to sail past the gatekeeper wizard to even start concluding your profile. It is essential that your language scores are in hand when you begin the first screening procedure. In case you are not armed with the scores, it’s futile to waste your time even beginning to fill out the first few questions with the reason being you will be blocked inside the first some screens.

In addition, you need to keep in mind that currently the CIC does not prefer the previous CELPIP-G tests. You ought to be writing the CELPIP – General 2014. In case your CELPIP exam does not clearly specify CELPIP-General 2014, you will learn you are in the right place as the drop down choices the EE portal proffers you will match up to your scores.

LMIA: It must be clearly seen from the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) by now that those having an employment offer--duly confirmed by a standard or permanent LMIA will most surely be proffered an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR) in the Maple Leaf Country. But not having one is not a reason why you must NOT apply under Express Entry! Despite job offers—duly backed by an LMIA--gather 600 points towards the utmost 1200 within the CRS, the CIC has pointed out frequently that they look forward to attracting people with high human capital and no LMIA in the starting draws.

Avoid misrepresentation: Since there is no need whatsoever of any documentation at this stage, some will be rather motivated to put forward a profile that is not “entirely correct” with a view to find a high spot on the CRS. Avoid any kind of misinterpretation!

Do not trust Express Entry wizard: Very soon, you will find out that in case you fail to complete some specific sections of the Express Entry profile, your “Status” for that section will read “In Progress”. If the section is 100% complete, it will read “Complete”. A malfunction was previously seen in the system where in some particular cases, the Status read “Complete” with a good vertical row of green “Complete” for each form when some extra information still needed to be furnished.

Only rely on trustworthy services to proof-read your profile prior to you present the same.

In case you commit an error in your profile--via choosing the incorrect drop down item, or fail to remember to put in your LMIA issue and dates of expiry you will not have another opportunity to rectify your fault. CRS just reviews the statistics presented before it and utilizes those to rank you against the raw data of another candidate.

With complete details of the system now in the public domain, candidates are now in a great position to prepare for immigration to Canada through “Express Entry”.

Taurus Infotek, headed by Mr. Manoj Palwe, who is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID R422575) and having more than 15 years’ experience in the immigration consultancy field. Please do visit our website to know more about us.

If you want to start the process please inform us. We will need following documents from you.

 To start your Canada Migration Process :-

Please find the list of documents that will be needed in this process : (for you and your spouse)

Photocopies/scanned copies of All Educational Certificates Xth onwards

Photocopies/scanned copies of All Job related documents like salary slip, joining letter, appraisal letter, relieving letter etc.

Photocopies/scanned copies of the Passport

Passport Size Photographs - we will provide you the specifications for the same.

Also, please find our Account Details for Kotak Mahindra Bank where you can transfer the Registration Amount as suggested below in case you need to start the process.


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